Evil Never Wins…

The remaining chapters of the book of Esther chronicle the fact that Esther does go before the king and reveals the plot of the wicked man named Haman. Haman is hanged on the very gallows he prepared to hang Mordecai, Esther’s uncle. Then the Jews are permitted to defend themselves against those who had been given permission by the king to attack and plunder them. The Jews have a great victory over their enemies and Mordecai is exalted to a high position within the kingdom.

I think what we have in Esther is a “real time” understanding of the fact that evil never wins. Evil men appear to win in our limited perspective of time and space but ultimately, in every situation, evil loses. If a person is a follower of Jesus and they are killed, they win by entering heaving and the kingdom of God. God always takes evil and makes something good come out of it, and we can experience that if we trust Him and allow Him to work in and through our lives. It might be that we do not have a chance to see the ultimate demise of evil, but we know the end of the book and the story. God 1, Evil 0.



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