The Trouble With Job…

Job is a bit of a “head-scratcher” for me in the beginning. The story opens with Satan and God having a conversation, which seems pretty strange. Then, in a what almost appears to be a divine “bet”, Job loses his possessions, his children and his health so that God can prove to Satan the good character of Job and Job’s trust in God. Hmmm, that’s not exactly how I envision God; but I recognize that God is God and He can do what He wants.

It is not until the end of this book that Job gains the proper perspective. I wonder if we are given this account in the Bible to help us to understand that God can and often does do very difficult things in our lives to help us to understand Him. By the end of this book, Job has a deep understanding of who God is, far beyond what he knew before chapter 1. Do I trust God to do what He does….do you?  For me, that’s the trouble with Job and the challenge that Job brings to my mind. How about you?


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