You Asked For It Part 7: “Grill The Pastors”

8:00 service:
1.  What can we/should we do on Sundays?
2.  What benefit is free will in a sin filled world?
3.  Head coverings and women speaking in church?
4.  How does 1 Peter 2:18 apply today?  Does the Bible condone    slavery?
5.  Did Jesus really mean for us to sell all our possessions?      Matthew 19:21
6.  What is the Christian response to earth care and      environmental issues?

10:30 service:
1.  Does God ever change His mind?
2.  Is it logical to have faith…how do we decide where to place     our faith?
3.  How far do we take 1 Corinthians 8:13?
4.  What are the benefits of tithing?
5.  What does “praying without ceasing” really look like?
6. Who were the 12 disciples…where did they come from?