The Right Way to Be Rich Part 1″ Looking To God”

Sermon Notes For Today’s Message


The Right Way to Be Rich – Part 1


“Looking to God”


 Your money is important to ___________ because your money is important to ____________.


 1 Timothy 6:17-19


 The right way to be rich involves looking to ___________, looking to ____________ and looking to _____________.

1 Timothy 6:17

What God has for rich people is not a __________________ but a ________________.


 Am I rich?   ___________________


 Criteria                       % of income earned


 If you earn $1,500/year                         top            _________%


 If  you have adequate food, clothing,


house/apt. and transportation              top __________%


 If you earn $25,000/year                      top __________%


 If you earn $50,000/year                      top __________%


 Many of us in this room and those around us are _____________ rich.


 I share this not to make you feel _____________but to help you feel __________________.


 Big Idea:  Agreeing that I am rich, I will look to God to remain ______________ and I will look to God for my ___________.

1.  I will look to God to stay ____________________.

 Riches and the desire for riches are two of the most       _______________ things known to man. 

1 Timothy 6:9-10

The natural inclination for those who have          _____________ is to believe they need


 The ___________________ and __________________ to gain            riches come from God. 

 2.  I will look to God to stay ___________________.

 The more money people ____________, the less money       people _____________.

 Only _______ of the 1000 richest zip codes appear in         the _______________ zip codes

which gave the highest            percentages of income to charity.

 When we become rich, we naturally ________________         our hope from God to our riches.

 Matthew 6:25-33

 Hoping in God is better than hoping in riches because…

 1.  Riches are ______________, God is __________________.

            God is ____________________ in you.

 2.  Riches are ________________, God is ___________________.

 3.  I can have ____________ and not have __________.  I can’t have __________ and not have ______________.  Philippians 4:19

 By staying _____________ and ________________, we position ourselves to be incredibly ________________.