Spiritual Giofts For God’s Glory Part 2 “Speaking For The Glory Of God

Spiritual Gifts for God’s Glory – Part 4

Speaking for the Glory of God

 A spiritual gift is a God-given capacity for each _______________ of Jesus to fulfill his/her ________________ in the body of Christ.

 Spiritual gifts are given…

             by the _______________ of God

             for the _______________ of the body,

             for the _____________ of the body

             for the __________________ of God.

 Spiritual gifts can be divided into ____________ gifts, _____________ gifts and ______________ gifts.

 The spiritual gifts you have may _________________ over time.

 Gifts are given in different ____________________.  Ephesians 4:7

 Big Idea:  Speaking gifts _____________ and __________ the truth about God that we all need to hear.

 1.  _____________________   Romans 12:6

 The word means to ________________ before people.

 The emphasis here is on telling the ______________ not       the _______________.

2 & 3.  Word of ______________  and _________________ through the Spirit.  1 Corinthians 12:8

 God hasn’t given additional __________________ to special    people.

If we find ourselves listening to someone and often        saying or thinking, “________________________________” we   might be listening to someone with this gift.

 To fully develop this gift we need to ___________ the          existing word of God.

 4.  ________________________.  Romans 12:8

 For me, the role of _________________ is the primary role    of a pastor. 1 Timothy 3:2, Titus 1:9, 2 Timothy 4:2

 5.  ________________________.  Romans 12:8

  A modern day application of this gift might be     ___________________.

1 Peter 4:10-11

Spiritual gifts involve good ____________________ and God’s __________________.