Receiving and Regifting God’s Way Part1 “Receiving and Regifting Hope”

Scripture Used in Todays Message;

John17:22, Luke 1:31-32, Matthew 1:21, Luke2:30-32, 1peter 1:3-9, 3:15

Todays Sermon Notes

Receiving and Regifting…God’s Way – Part 1

Receiving and Regifting Hope

        ___________________ is the practice of giving again a gift that has been given to you.

 God is a big ____________ of re-gifting.   John 17:22

 Everything that we have has been _____________ to us by God and is intended to be ______________ to others in some form.

 The word ______________ is not found in the biblical accounts of the birth of Jesus but _____________ is all over the birth of Jesus.   Luke 1:31-32,  Matthew 1:21, Luke 2:30-32

 Two good definitions of “hope” in relation to the follower of Jesus:

 To desire with ___________________ of obtainment

  To _______________ with _______________________

 Unfortunatlely, many confuse the word hope with the word _________________.

 Godly hope focuses on ___________________ not __________________.

1 Peter 1:3-9

 Big Idea:  Because of the baby in the manger I have a hope for tomorrow’s ________________ and today’s _________________…that I can share with others.

We need a hope that ____________________ our eternal future.

 The believer’s hope is _____________ not _________________.

 With God, genuine hope involves _________________ how the game of life ______________.

 1 Peter 1:6-9

God’s hope sustained Mary and Joseph during their ___________.

 We have an ___________________ over Mary and Joseph.  Hebrews 6:19a

 How do we “re-gift” hope?

 We can’t really _____________ hope but we can point others to the One who is the _______________ of hope.   1 Peter 3:15

 We do that by _________________ in such a way that others want what we have.