“Giving My All to Jesus”

Sermon Notes

Giving My All to Jesus

 An overall theme for success in 2013 is giving my ___________ to Jesus.

 “Giving my all” is ________________ in some areas than others.

 It’s clear that Jesus __________________ that His followers give their all to Him.  Luke 14:33

 “Giving my all” is ____________________ for each of us.

 If the phrase, “giving my all” to Jesus is not on your radar ask yourself the simple question….________________________?

 Big idea:  Giving my all to Jesus means forfeiting _______________ recognition for ________________ recognition and it means ___________________ in Him to make me __________ Him.

 Mark 12:41-44

 Giving My All to Jesus Means….

1. I Won’t Be Recognized by the __________________.

Earthly glory and God’s glory rarely ______________.

Men and women who give their all to Jesus don’t make the cover of __________________

magazine but they do made a _______________ in the lives of other people.

Giving My All to Jesus Means….

2. I Will be Recognized by _________________. Psalm 34:15

3. I Can’t Give My All to _____________________ Else.

You can’t love ___________ and the _____________ at the same time.

How would your life change if you gave your all to Jesus?

4. I’ll Have to _______________ in Jesus.

What __________________ to tTrusting Jesus means giving Him all the _______________ of your life.

 Will you trust that __________________ Tonight is not as good for you as the __________________ today that can come from God’s word?



5. Being ______________ Jesus Christ. 2 Corinthians 8:9