Embrace The DRAMA Part 5: The Imperative of Missions

DRAMA Part 5

The Imperative of Missions

The Bible is full of exhortation to the church to have both ________________ and ________________.

The passion of the ________________ is dependent on the passion of the ___________________ that make up the church.

Together, we commit to build purposeful community through the DRAMA of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The word mission expresses a part of our focus which is ________________ our walls

Perhaps the last words of Jesus are so consumed with _____________ because He knows how easy it is for us to be consumed with __________________.

The average American Christian sees ______________% of his/her income going to needs outside his/her local church.

Our __________________ are reflected by our ____________________.

 God’s emphasis on missions is seen in the _____________ and __________________ of the Bible.

How do we contribute to the goal of witnessing to the nations?

Almost all of the book of Acts is about _____________ and a third of the New Testament is written to ___________ churches.


Every battle is won and lost in the _______________.

There are people starving for food and the gospel in this world because the church of Jesus Christ doesn’t _____________ enough.

Is the reason we don’t _____________ enough because we don’t ______________ enough about it?


Are we willing to _________________ for the mission part of our strategic focus?

Is it reasonable to spend more money on ______________ than on providing food and the gospel to those who have neither?


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