Drama Part 1 “The Basis and Blessing of Community”

DRAMA Part 1

The Basis and Blessing of Community

We are embarking on a ___________ tuning of our vision for ministry here at Buffalo Valley.

As a church of Jesus Christ we feel like we have a ________________ from God.

Our strategic focus helps us to ___________what God wants us to see and then ___________ on it.

Together, we commit to build purposeful community through the DRAMA of the gospel of Jesus Christ.



_________________ has always been an important concept for the people of God.

Old Testament: covenant community called _____________.

New Testament: covenant community called the ____________.

The book of Hebrews is like a ________________ from the Old Testament community to the New Testament community.

  1. The _________________ of Community.

Every community has a ______________ basis on which     the community rests.

The basis for the church community is ______________ in             Jesus Christ.  vs 19-23.

You can’t be a member of the church community    without a ________________ of Jesus Christ as Lord.

  1. The ___________________ of Community.

Those who confess Christ _____________ the blessing of    community.  vs 24-25

One aspect of blessing is that we ________________ one   another.

Another aspect of blessing is that we ________________    one another.

The DRAMA of the gospel of Jesus doesn’t happen when you are acting ________________.

Christian _________________ only happens in Christian ________________.