Claiming The Promised Life Part 7 “Why Serving God is the Only Reasonable Choice”

Scripyure Use in Today’s Message:

Joshua 24:14-15-21:43-45

Sermon Notes For Today

Claiming the Promised Life – Part 7

Why Serving God is the Only Reasonable Choice

 Hopefully God has worked in our lives so that we have…

_________________ strength and courage from God’s promises, presence and His word.

 __________________ that God extends unexpected invitations, knowing that He is always at work.

  __________________ the things that God has done for us in the past and told them in the future.

 ___________________ that spiritual matters matter most.

___________________ in God overcoming obstacles by faith and obedience.

____________________ from failures through our repentance and God’s forgiveness. 

 Joshua 24:14-15

 Three reasons for you and your house to serve the Lord

 1.  The Alternatives are Really _______________.  (vs 15)

a.  You will serve ______________________.

 There are free agents in the _____________ world but         not in the ______________ world.  John 8:34, Romans           6:16-18

b.  God’s ________________ is best.

 Any _______________ god is not equal to the _________________ God.

2.  God Has Great  _____________________. “fear the Lord, serve Him in sincerity and truth”

When deciding who to serve, _________________ counts

 Joshua 21:43, 45

 Please don’t mistake ___________ expectations you       have for ________________ promises God made

4.  It ___________________ Matters.

 We can get so caught up in the ______________ of this life   that we forget what really _______________.

 Joshua calls us to make a choice, a choice that we make ____________ times each day.

Big Idea:  Understanding I have to _____________ something, I choose to serve the Lord because of _________ He is and the ____________ difference I can make