Claiming The Promised Life Part 6 “Recovering From Failures in a Promised Life”

Scripture Used in Todays Message:

Joshua 7, James 1:14-15, 1John 1:8-9, Joshua 8:1

Sermon Notes For Todays Message

Claiming the Promised Life – Part 6

Recovering From Failures in the Promised Life

 So far the Israelites have done everything ________________.  Joshua 6:27

 It is great when things go great but inevitably ______________ enters into our life. 

 We often ___________ and ____________ but God desires that we ____________ and ________________.

 Big Idea:  When things go wrong in the promised life, we should look _____________ at ourselves for __________________ and  look ______________ to God for _______________________.

 Since Jericho was the _______________ city to be captured, God gave very specific commands regarding the “spoil.”.  Joshua 6:18-19

 A man named ________________ insisted on _______________ God’s heart.  Joshua 7:1

 Why things go wrong?

 1.  We _______________ about God.  Joshua 7:2-5

  God didn’t come to Joshua with a plan because there     was __________ in the camp…..spiritual matters             ____________ most.

2.  We _______________ on our desires.  Joshua 7:21

 God warns us of the ________________ that uncontrolled     ____________ can do.  James 1:14-15

 What to do when failure has already set up shop?

 1.  Look _____________ to ourselves for _____________________.  Joshua 7:6-9

 Important Lesson:  It is _______________ God’s fault.

 1 John 1:8-9

 The sin we _____________ God ________________.  The sin        we _______________ God ________________.

 2.  Look ______________ to God for ______________________.

 Why would God want to make forgiveness           _________________?

 Jesus paid a very ______________ price for what some         call ______________ grace.

 Failure in our promised life is not the ___________ of the road.  Joshua 8:1