A Week That Changed The World Part 4 “A Full and Forever Life”

Sermon Notes

A Week That Changed the World – Part 4

A Full and Forever Life

How has the resurrection of Jesus Christ __________________ your life?

Is the resurrection of Jesus a ______________ influence or a __________________ influence in your life?

My purpose is to nudge you toward changing the resurrection from a “take it or ____________ it” approach to a “take it and ______________ it” approach.

 Matthew 28:1-8

 Big Idea:  In Jesus’ empty tomb I find a ____________ and __________________ life.

 Secret:  Everyone who follows Jesus _________________ to avoid a _______________ approach to Jesus.

One of our greatest resources in this struggle is ___________  ________________.

1.  The ______________ life.  Luke 24:11

For Peter, Jesus became the _________________ reason         for living.   2 Peter 1:2-4

 More common components of the “full” life:

__________________________,  ________________________,


2.  The __________________ life.

The “forever” I have in mind is _______________ life.

1 Peter 1:3-5

The Bible speaks of _____________ “forever” places for       the human soul; ______________ and ____________.

Someone has to pay the _____________ for your sin.

Jesus offers to ____________ the price and the          resurrection _____________ He has the ability.

Jesus doesn’t ask you to _____________ a forever life           with Him.   Jesus asks you to _________________ His       forever life from Him.