A Week That Changed The World Part 3 “Prayer Works”

Sermon Notes

A Week That Changed the World – Part 3
Prayer “Works”


            Extravagant love will be ___________      to you,  _____________by others,

               and ___________  _______________         by Jesus:

           A secure ___________________________ and

              _____________ enables us to serve God and one another.

    How has the last week of Jesus’ earthly life   ______________ your world?

 The Bible is not written FYI ______________ but FYT _______________.

  Most people ______________  that they pray but in what_________ do they pray?

Prayer is simply ___________________ with God.

Why Don’t People Pray?

People don’t pray because they don’t believe that prayer ______________.

Could it be that we have the wrong idea of what _________ really means?

Big Idea: Prayer “works” when my _____________ agrees with

______________ regardless of whether God’s _____________ agree with _______ .

Prayer is more about _____________ than __________  more

about ______________than _________ .

In the Garden of Gethsemane we see Satan’s final _____________ to ruin the plan of God.

Jesus’ 1st prayer: Matthew 26:29

Jesus’ 2nd prayer: Matthew 26:42

Jesus’ 3rd prayer: Matthew 26:44-46

 For Jesus, prayer ________________ ! Through prayer Jesus’

__________________ agreed with the Father even though the  circumstances did not change.

Ultimately, prayer “works” as a function of ____________ .

Whether God plans a _____________ or not, God’s plan is good.

A “win” in prayer is when our mind and attitude ___________ God’s mind and attitude;

regardless of the actions or circumstances.

With this understanding of prayer, prayer can “work” ____________ time!

Often, prayer will “work” in a _____________ way than we anticipated.