A Week That Changed The World Part 1 Extravagant Love

Sermon Notes

A Week That Changed the World – Part 1

Extravagant Love

 How has the last week of Jesus’ earthly life _________________ your world?

Mark 14:1-9

Big Idea:  Extravagant love for Jesus is ______________ to us, _____________________ by others and __________  _________ by Jesus.

 Extravagant Love is ___________________.

 Mary had been ________________ Jesus for some time.         Luke 10:41-42

 The fragrance of the perfume was matched only by        the fragrance of Mary’s ______________.

 Extravagant love is developed over __________________       and __________________ time in the presence of Jesus.

 Time is our most ___________________ asset.

 Extravagant Love is ___________________ by others.  Mark 14:4-5

 The critical disciples placed their focus on            _____________ instead of Jesus.

 Worship is never _____________________.

“Were the whole realm of nature mine, that were an      offering far too small.  Love so amazing, so divine,             demands my soul, my life, my all” – Isaac Watts

 3.  Extravagant Love is ____________  _________ by Jesus. 

            Mark 14:6-9

 Jesus is not ________________ the poor, but He is       __________________ the love.

 Live life to please an audience of _______________.

            Colossians 3:17

 Do you think Mary left the house that evening ______________________ or ____________________?