A Week That Changed The Woeld Part 2 “Secure to Serve”

This Weeks Sermon Notes

A Week That Changed the World – Part 2

Secure to Serve

 How has the last week of Jesus’ earthly life _________________ your world?

John 13:1-17                                                                                   Big Idea:  A secure _________________, _________________ and ____________________ enables us to serve God and one another.

1.  Jesus was secure in His _________________.  John 13:1

                                                                                       Mark 10:42-45

 The essence of being a follower of Jesus is           _________________ service.

We serve not from our own ________________ but from       Christ’s ________________ in us.

2.  Jesus was secure in His _______________________.  John 13:3-4

Much of today’s focus on self-esteem leads to a   _______________ to be served by others                   rather than a             _______________ to serve others.

When God’s word talks about us apart from Christ it      uses very _______________________ language.

I can’t feel good about me but I can feel good about       ___________.

Most of us are more comfortable in ______________ than    in _______________  __________________.

I have to be secure in my person to ______________             someone else to serve me.

Many people say they are __________ even when    they’ve just been “_________”ed.

3.  Jesus was secure in His ____________________.

John 13:13-14

Jesus was not _______________ about His position.

He was _________________ in His position.

Genuine service actually __________________ our position    in the eyes of those we serve.

Question #1:  Am I secure in my __________________?

Question #2:  Am I secure in my __________________?

The answer to low self-esteem is not to think more        highly of ______________

but to think highly of __________.

Question #3:  Am I secure in my __________________?

My __________________ as servant is connected to my           _________________ of service.