You’ve Been Forgiven to Forgive!

In Matthew 6:12 Jesus tells us to ask God to forgive us our debts as we have forgiven others.  Forgiveness is an absolute essential for every follower of Jesus.  We need to receive forgiveness and dispense forgiveness.  We need God to forgive us of our sin so we can stay in close relationship and fellowship with Him.  We all know the damage that our sin does to our relationships with others.  When we have said something or done something that has hurt someone, we don’t feel close to them and they don’t feel close to us.  But when that hurt is forgiven, we have closeness again.

This works with God as well.  As we go through life we need His forgiveness and because we have received His forgiveness we can give forgiveness to others as well.   It really is that simple from a spiritual standpoint.  The difficulty comes in applying this truth in a practical way.  If you’ve not been forgiven of your sin by Jesus Christ then that is your first and most desperate need.  Believe that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead and that He can forgive you.  And He can give you eternal life.  When we place this faith in Jesus Christ He does forgive us and then we are able to truly forgive others.

What are you waiting for?


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