Your “Come to Jesus” Moment

I have often heard the phrase “come to Jesus moment” and I’m not quite sure what it means. I think it means that a person has come face to face with a sin or a situation where the only alternative is to change. I’m not sure when this phrase began to be used but we certainly have a “come to Jesus moment” in Acts chapter 26. Paul is recounting his conversion to a group of people gathered to decide his fate. He recounts how he used to persecute the followers of Jesus but while on his way to the city of Damascus to round up and arrest these followers, Jesus appeared to him and his life radically changed.

Paul then goes on to talk about how his life is focused on teaching and making disciples of Jesus. Paul had a “come to Jesus moment” that radically altered his life. Have you had a “come to Jesus moment”? Some people have a moment they can point to where their life was radically altered through the power of God. Alcoholics never drank again. Drug abusers never used again. These are powerful stories. Others, like me, don’t really have such a dramatic moment to share. However, each of us needs to have a time in his/her life when we received Jesus Christ as our Savior. The Bible uses phrase like “born again” to describe the follower of Jesus. You have a date/time on your birth certificate when you were born. It doesn’t say that you were born “sometime in 1974”. When was your “come to Jesus moment”? There are some who cannot pinpoint that moment, which is OK as I see it, but there has to be a moment when you’ve trusted in Christ, which inevitably leads to life change, though for most of us it happens a little slower than the life of Paul.

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