You Are Always On His Mind

Ok, perhaps like me you have begun to hum the melody to the famous Willie Nelson song, “You Are Always on My Mind”…perhaps you are too young to even know who Willie Nelson is.   Either way, you and I are always on God’s mind. In Genesis chapter 12 God calls a man named Abram (whose name is later changed to Abraham) and asks him to leave his homeland for a land that God would show him. Abram becomes the father of the Jewish nation. But even in that initial calling of Abram, God had you on His mind. Here is one sentence that God tells Abram as part of His call on Abram’s life: “And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

Thousands of years later, you and I are in that sentence. You and I were on God’s mind when God called Abram to follow Him. You are always on God’s mind. Everything that has happened in the history of this world has happened for a reason, to draw people like you and me to God. God has never and will never take a break from thinking about you and being involved in your life. When you are close to Him, He is there. When you are far away from Him, it is you who have moved but He is still there. Please rest in this truth. Worship God this morning for how much He cares about you and how much He desires you to know Him and experience life to the fullest, here and for eternity. You are always on His mind!


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