Wonderful Qualities of God

Psalm 93 lists some wonderful qualities of God as it describes God’s eternal reign. First, God is “clothed with majesty”. I have always liked the word “majesty”. It carries the idea of “impressive stateliness”. God is King of Kings and He is royal and regal…and yet down to earth and engaged with us ordinary people in the muck and mire of life. He also has “girded Himself with strength”. God has the strength to do whatever He desires to do and because He is always good, His strength is never used in a harmful way. God is “from everlasting”. I wrote about this a few days ago, the eternal nature of God is amazing to consider….no beginning and no end. Then in verse 4 we read that “the Lord is mightier than the noise of many waters, than the mighty waves of the sea”. The waves of the ocean show incessant might as they crash onto the shore…the sound at the ocean gives the idea of power and might. Then in verse 5 we read: “Your testimonies are very sure”. God’s words, His testimonies are “sure”. They are true and right. We need not doubt His word. He keeps His promises and what He says about Himself and about us is never wrong. Finally we read that “holiness adorns Your house”. God’s holiness is one of His defining characteristics. He is holy and set apart. I like the way the words “majesty” and “holiness” bookend this psalm. These qualities, and many others, describe the God who created you and the world around you. And they describe the God who, in Jesus Christ, willingly offers you redemption. These are wonderful qualities of a wonderful God.


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