Wisdom Treats Others Well

Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due,
When it is in the power of your hand to do so.  28 Do not say to your neighbor,
“Go, and come back,
And tomorrow I will give it,”
When you have it with you.  29 Do not devise evil against your neighbor,
For he dwells by you for safety’s sake. 30 Do not strive with a man without cause,
If he has done you no harm.

One of the characteristics of those who are wise is how he/she treats others.  As you might expect, wisdom has a large impact on our relationships.  I think that verse 27 is a very wise way to live.  When we can do good for someone else, we should do it.  Imagine a world, a very wise world, where people really do look out for one another.  What a wonderful world that would be!  Then verse 29 goes on to say that we should not devise evil against our neighbor.  I think most of us “got” that one.  Most of us who are not in a reality TV show are not actively plotting evil against a roommate, friend or neighbor; but we miss out on opportunities to do good for others.  Wisdom reminds us that we should do good for others.  We should be actively involved in loving our neighbor as we love ourselves, as Jesus taught.

So, how are you treating others?  Not plotting evil against them is a pretty low bar to set.  Let’s raise the bar a little bit and look for ways to be wise and do good to others.

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