Why So Serious?

I’m wondering how many followers of Jesus have ever read the biblical book of Leviticus? It’s definitely not the most exciting book to read. It is a book of procedure more than a book of narrative story.   At times I wonder why God preserved all of these instructions regarding offerings and feasts, especially since after the resurrection of Jesus, these things were stopped. But there is something very important in Leviticus (and really more than one thing). Today I read chapters 3-8 which are filled with instructions on different types of sin offerings, how to prepare the animals that were required for the offering, which parts could be eaten and who could eat them, and then how to consecrate the high priest, Aaron, and other priests. Why so much detail and description of blood and animal body parts?

I believe this has been preserved for us to remind us today of the serious nature of sin. It is so easy to become jaded and flippant about our sin. We watch things that are against the character and nature of God. Our music often contains innuendo and language that certainly falls outside of “whatever is noble and pure…think on these things”. Internet pornography and other aspects of the internet fuel the flames of lust, envy, greed and a general desire to speak negatively of others. We tolerate unforgiveness as if it is somehow our right to hold a grudge. And do we think that God doesn’t care? He cares very much about our sin. He prescribed an entire ritualistic system that required great sacrifices of resources and time for Israel to receive forgiveness of sin. In Christ, He sacrificed His only begotten Son to show how important sin is.

Are you flippant about sin? Are you only concerned about the “biggies” when it comes to sin? If so, I suggest reading some of Leviticus to get a proper perspective. God does offer forgiveness of our sin but that’s not a license to sin. God desires that we be holy people and He gives us the ability to live this way. Sin is serious and Leviticus points that out loud and clear.


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