Why Did God Make It So Difficult?

One thing I find interesting about the Christmas story is the “clandestine” approach that God takes to the birth of Jesus.  God sends an angel to Mary and one to Joseph to tell them what is going on.  He also clued in Zacharias and Elizabeth to what was going to happen.  However, God didn’t clue in anyone else.  Wouldn’t it have been much, much easier if God had an angel or a group of angels in the sky declare what was about to happen?  Wouldn’t it have been easier if God had sent an angel to Mary’s parents and the villagers?  Why did God seem to make this so difficult?  I mean it’s great that Mary and Joseph got to hear and see an angel but the people that they had to convince what was happening were less likely to believe the story…at least that’s what I think…at least that’s how I know that I would have reacted.

Have you ever wondered why, at times, God seems to make things so difficult?  Could God have done this in a way that would have been easier on Mary and Joseph; at least as far as the public perception is concerned?  I could give God a few other scenarios that seem to be better suited for Mary and Joseph’s reputation.  But maybe God wasn’t too interested in their reputations…and maybe He’s not that interested in my reputation.  Like Mary and Joseph, you and I have to trust that God does things the way He does them for His glory and our ultimate good.  I will never ever understand exactly why and how God does things but I can trust Him.  I can trust His nature and His character and His love.

Why does God make it so difficult?  That’s not an easy question and one that, on this side of heaven, has a very elusive, specific answer.


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