Why Creation Matters

I started on my second cycle this year through the Bible yesterday in the book of Genesis.  The book opens with the revelation that God has created all that we see and all that we do not see.  God is creator.  This truth is essential to a right understanding of who God is.  God is referred to as “creator”, “maker”, etc…in almost every book of the Bible.  Yet so many in the Christian community seem to want to give this aspect of God up.  But can we “give up” creation as a founding principle of our theology?  I don’t think so.  Though the discussion is more complex than I want to spend on a blog post, I will give you two quick thoughts on why creation is so important.

First, if God didn’t create then why does He tell us that He did?  Why would God tell such a tale or fabricate the entire creation account if He didn’t do it?  Did He need to do that so that mankind would be impressed by Him or fear Him?  Did God need to build His resume’ so that we would care?  Was the creation account simply a ruse for the scientifically illiterate cultures of yesteryear?  If so, then God is at best confused and at worst a liar.  God could have written that He got the primordial soup stirring and then just sort of stood back and let everything evolve on its own.  Would you or I think less of Him if He had told the “truth”? (that is, if evolution is true).  I wouldn’t think less of Him.  Actually, I would personally think much less of God if I believed that all of this creation stuff throughout the entire Bible was not true.  I’m not sure how Christians who reject God as creator can embrace God as redeemer….could He be lying about the redeemer part as well???

Second, removing “Creator” from God’s resume’ removes authority and accountability from God’s role in my life.  If God didn’t create me, then on what basis does He have authority in my life?  Why am I accountable to Him?  Parents are given authority by our judicial system over their own children but not over someone else’s children.  If a stranger sees my child behave badly and says, “give me your ipod” they will not do it.  If the stranger takes the ipod they are guilty of theft.  But if I say to my child, “give me your ipod”, he/she will do it (though reluctantly) and if I take it, no theft is involved.  The difference is that parents have “created” their children.  Therefore, those children have accountability to their parents in ways that they are not accountable to other adults.  If God is not creator, then God has no authority to condemn man as sinners.  God has no authority to prescribe the remedy for sin.

Let’s not give up God as creator.  Doing so might make you seem “smart” or “enlightened” in the classroom or your workspace, but in the bigger picture it really doesn’t make sense.  You and I don’t get the opportunity to redefine God.  You either accept God as He is revealed or you create your own god….and then you assume the role of “creator”…and do you really think you are qualified to do that?


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