Who’s That Guy?

Can you remember back to high school (or if you are a high school student today, think about now…) when there was “that guy”…the one who wasn’t afraid to dress differently than everyone else…maybe wear his hair differently than anyone else…he (or she) marched to the beat of a different drummer? You weren’t quite sure what made him/her tick but you sure did notice. That’s John the Baptist! John is the central figure of Matthew chapter 3. (You can read it by clicking here: Matthew 3 ). John came onto the scene saying things others had never said, looking different than others had looked and with a charisma, presence and message that took people by surprise. We are told that John was a prophet who was to prepare the way for Jesus. John had a message of repentance. John was a type A personality but there was also something very important about John. John was humble. John knew his place. John didn’t let the crowds and his fame go to his head. He knew that he was the undercard to Jesus’ main event. We see this as John speaks to the religious rulers and when John is initially reluctant to baptize Jesus. Yet John played his role and later Jesus refers to John as “among those born of women there has not risen one greater than John the Baptist.”.

Regardless of your personality type, I think that God would desire that we too combine enthusiasm and humility when we talk about Jesus Christ. We can be incredibly enthusiastic about what Jesus has done for us and His activity in our lives and yet, we know that Jesus is the main event. He is the reason. It is not about us. That kind of humility helps others to see that they too can be impacted by Jesus. There is nothing special about you or me. Let’s be “that guy” or “that girl”. We’re not going to get that “greatest among those born of women” endorsement but we can get “well done thou good and faithful servant”…and that’s just as good.


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