Who Gets Theirs First?

I don’t think that my title is grammatically correct but I think you understand what it means. Most people want to make sure that they get theirs first, the first slice of pizza, the first piece of cake or pie, the first choice of seat in the room, etc…God has the same desire; not for the pizza or cake but God wants His first. God told His people throughout the history of the nation of Israel that they were to give the “first” to Him as an offering. But the people didn’t want to do that. They wanted to “get theirs first” and God could have the leftovers. In the book of Haggai, there is a group of people who have returned to Jerusalem from exile. God speaks to Haggai to tell the people that though they have rebuilt their own houses, they have not attempted to rebuild a temple, a place of worship for them. In a way, they have not given God their “firsts”. Things needed to change.

I hope that you consider giving God your “firsts”. The first of your money and the first of your time. The first priority of your plans and goals in life. In Haggai God says that their refusal to give Him the “firsts” has led to a lack and a shortage in their lives. I know this to be true in the lives of many people. When we give God “His”, there is always enough for us. So, “who gets theirs first?” I hope you give “yours” to God.


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