Who Fights Your Battles?

Psalm 54 is purported to be a psalm written by David as King Saul was pursuing David, attempting to kill him. David was on the run for his life. He needed to “fight a battle”. But look at what David does.   David knows that this battle is not his to fight. Rather, David asks God to fight his battles. David writes, “Save me and vindicate me” (vs 1), “Hear my prayer” (vs 2), “Cut them off in your truth” (vs 5). David trusts God to do the dirty work. Do you do that? Do you trust God to fight your battles? In reality, God is the only One who is really qualified to fight your battles. God is able to fight those battles in the way that brings glory to Him. We tend to fight the battles in a way that brings glory to ourselves or in a way that allows us to satisfy ourselves emotionally or in a way that suits us. But then can we be sure that we’ve really won the battle? Our enemy may lie there “defeated” but in reality we often lie right next to him or her, mortally wounded.

When someone is out to get you is it possible that God can use you to “get them”? Is it possible that God could use your reaction to point that person to Jesus Christ? If that happens would that be enough of a victory for you? I hope so. Let’s allow God to fight our battles. We won’t be disappointed in His “battle plan”.


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