Where Will You Go?

Have you ever held your hand out to a child, wanting the child to run to you for help or protection and that child ran the other way? Instead of running to you, the child ran from you, possibly even into a more dangerous situation. I think that all parents have had this happen repeatedly. In Hosea chapter 7 God is pointing out to His children the futility of doing the same thing. Throughout the history of Israel, they ran to Assyria and Egypt for help and rescue, instead of running to God. God wanted to heal them. God desired to provide for them but they ran elsewhere and were defeated.

Who do you run to when you are in danger? Do you run to things like sin that meet some short term “fix”? Or, do you run to God in prayer, or run to God by talking with others about what God would have you do? In life we are always running to someone or something.  Don’t run away from God in difficult times; rather, run to God.



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