When Having It All Is Still Not Enough…

In 2 Chronicles we have much of the same information we had earlier, only with a slightly more positive spin. When I read the account of the life of king Solomon I am amazed. Solomon had everything this life could offer, including wisdom. When the Queen of Sheba comes to visit in chapter 9, we are told that she is blown away by Solomon’s wealth and wisdom…but then, in a few short years, it is all gone. I wonder if we can learn from Solomon. We (including me) spend so much time in areas of our lives that revolve around resources and enjoyment and yet we know that the answer to true joy and peace and contentment does not lie in any of these things. Solomon had everything he could have wanted in this world; everything that this world had to offer; and he died a spiritually broken man.

There is nothing wrong with nice things but they can NEVER be our priority. They will leave us wanting each and every time. Please learn from the negative example of Solomon. Don’t allow the wealth and the success of this life to draw you away from Jesus. Having it all in this world will not prepare you at all for the next world.


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