When God Says Something You Don’t Want to Hear

One of my favorite little stories in the Old Testament is recorded in 1 Kings 22. King Jehoshaphat of Judah is planning to help king Ahab in a battle (something he never should have done). But before they go to battle, Jehoshaphat wants to inquire of a prophet of the Lord to see what God says about the outcome. King Ahab doesn’t want to talk to this prophet because he doesn’t say anything good about Ahab. Ahab had other “yes men” prophets that would tell Ahab what he wanted to hear. The prophet of God, Micaiah, tells Ahab that he will suffer defeat but neither he nor Jehoshaphat listens. Both kings ignore the advice of Micaiah and this decision ultimately costs Ahab his life.

What do you do when God says something you don’t want to hear? God’s word often says things we don’t want to hear. We make sinful choices and decisions, or we look for guidance as to what we should do and we are faced with a decision to listen and obey to what God says. Want to have sex before and/or outside of marriage? God says “no” but many people don’t want to hear that and they do it anyway. Want to hold onto a grudge and refuse to forgive someone? God says to forgive but what do you do when God says something you don’t want to hear? I hope you will learn from the wrong choice of Ahab and Jehoshaphat. Do what God says, even when He says something you don’t want to hear.


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