When “Bad” is “Good”

Many years ago there was a saying that was quite popular.  When you liked something you said, “that’s bad”; but you sort of strung out the word “bad” so it sounded like “baaaaad”.   Though you called it “bad” you really meant that it was good.  I think that phrase has pretty much gone out of style and that’s probably a good thing….and by “good” I mean “good”.

Today is “Good Friday”; the day that most people believe Jesus was crucified on a cross.  To everyone at the time, it seemed like not only a “bad” thing; but the most inhumane and unrighteous act ever committed.  The family and followers of Jesus were devastated by the cross.  How could the death of Jesus ever be labeled as “good”?  But three days later, Jesus rose from the dead and hundreds of people and ultimately 100s of millions of people realized that the cross was truly “good”.  That Jesus’ death was necessary to provide forgiveness of sin for all mankind.

In the gospel accounts we know that Jesus tried to prepare His followers for His death but they didn’t understand.  Jesus knew they would feel “bad” on that day.  But He asked them to look beyond that day, to the “good” day of the resurrection.  God still knows that each of us will have “bad” days.  There will be events and people that will devastate us and hurt us; sometimes intentionally.  But God also knows that if we will continue to trust Him and follow Him; that all of those “bad” days can be used for His glory and our good.

If things are going “bad” right now, perhaps it is time to listen closely to see if God is trying to tell you something.  Is He trying to prepare you for something?  You might get an answer and then you can act on it.  But if no answer is forthcoming, continue to trust in Him.  God made the most “bad” day in the history of the world into something very, very “good”.  He can do the same in your life as well.


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