When an “Open Door” Really Isn’t “Open”

In Christian circles we often talk about God “opening doors”, meaning that circumstances have arisen that indicate God’s desire for us to do something; change jobs, start a ministry, etc… But how reliable are circumstances when we need to make a decision? Can Satan “open doors” also? In 1 Samuel we read that king Saul is trying to kill David. David is running for his life. In chapter 24 of 1 Samuel circumstances align so that Saul is in a cave (think old time port-a-potty) and David is in the back of the cave. David’s men urge David to rise up and kill Saul; after all hasn’t God delivered Saul into David’s hand? Hasn’t God “opened the door” for David? But David refuses to take Saul’s life, citing the fact that he is not take the life of God’s anointed king. How do we navigate decisions like this???

I think that David relies on the clear instruction of God. It would not be right for David to take Saul’s life…he has no instruction from God to do that so he refuses, even though the circumstances seem to be lined up. I find this to be often true in my life. Circumstances don’t always indicate God’s will. God’s word always indicates God’s will. Sure, we might not always have the details but we often have broad guidance, like David had here. Please be careful in interpreting “open doors”.


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