What Will God Do to Bring You Back?

I am reading now in the book of Amos, which by the way, is not a book about the grumpy character in “The Fox and Hound” Disney movie.  Rather, Amos is a sheepherder who is called by God to be a prophet to Israel and other nations who have walked away from God.  Amos pronounces judgment on many nations and yet also talks of repentance.  Amos tells these nations that God has brought famine and disease and other problems into their lives in an attempt to have the people turn back to Him….but they have not listened.  God is actively involved in getting the people to look to Him.  I think the same thing is true today but I admit to a little confusion as to understanding God’s methods.  Some times it seems that God might allow or bring tragedy and suffering into someone’s life to get their attention.  Other times, God doesn’t seem to do this…the wicked seem to do just fine; no famine but feasting…no disease but great health.  God doesn’t seem to have a one size fits all approach to bringing people back to repentance.

Have you ever said, “He hasn’t hit rock bottom yet” in an attempt to explain why someone hasn’t stopped drinking or using drugs?  The problem with that is that some people hit rock bottom and just crash right on through to even lower depths of depravity and suffering; even death.  If you are far from God or if you know someone who is, don’t try to figure out how God is going to bring you or them back.  But I do want you to know this.  It is God’s desire that you and they come back to Him.  It is God’s desire that you return to Him and love and serve Him.  He will not give up on you and He will not give up on them.  Pray that you and they would be responsive to whatever God does in an effort to bring back those He loves.


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