What to do When Things Are Going Wrong

In Psalm 60 David is lamenting the fact that God’s hand seems to be against him and his people. He begins the psalm like this: “O God, You have cast us off; You have broken us down; You have been displeased;  Oh, restore us again!” Things were going wrong. Have you ever felt this way? I find myself feeling this way sometimes regarding the accomplishments of the church. I read the pages of the New Testament and I see large numbers of people receiving Jesus as Savior and people flocking to be together in the community of Jesus followers. It is as if you can’t keep them away. And often, in my life, it is akin to pulling teeth to get some, more than I would like to admit, to even be willing to regularly attend a once weekly gathering that we call “church” on Sunday morning. Not everyone, but more than I’d like…though probably not those of you who are reading this 😉   Perhaps you don’t share my frustration and it’s not like things are going terribly “wrong”; unless “right” is what we read in the New Testament. I have found myself praying increasingly for God to “do something” and feeling increasingly concerned that He is not; at least not in my world. (Thanks for putting up with my rant). But then David ends this psalm in a way that I hope reflects my attitude: “Through God we will do valiantly, For it is He who shall tread down our enemies.” I know that it is God who can and will do valiantly. I just wish He would hurry up!


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