What Line Do You Form?

As I was gathered at the Myer Christmas dinner, a favorite relative of my wife was about to share the day’s devotion. He loaded a video called “Where’s the line to see Jesus?” http://wheresthelinetoseejesus.com/
I had heard the song many times before but this very day it took on a whole new meaning. A portion of the lyrics follow and as you read them, I wonder what line we are forming for others to follow.
Where’s the line to see Jesus?
Is He here at the store?
If Christmas time is His birthday
Why don’t we see Him more?

Where’s the line to see Jesus?
He was born for me
Santa Claus brought me presents
But Christ gave His life for me

Even as I reread these words, the goosebumps form on my arms and tears form in my eyes. At some point throughout the Christmas season, we may have seen the lines to see Santa. I wonder what it would look like if a line formed to see Jesus. I don’t doubt that others see Jesus in each of us at various points in our lives. Jesus has caused us to reconsider what our line should like. Many will line up for fame, fortune, and prestige. Others will line up for the love of the game, the pride of success, the chance to get ahead. But I wonder if lines were formed in front of us, would they truly see Jesus?
The lyrics go on to say.

In the blink of an eye
At the sound of His trump
We’ll all stand in line at His throne
Every knee shall bow down
Every tongue will confess
That Jesus Christ is Lord

This New Year, I want nothing more than for others to see Jesus in me. I trust you may as well. There’s a great deal of self examination that must take place to align our lives with what others would see as Jesus. I believe there are indeed a lot of lines out there and there is a hunger for the line to see Jesus. As we remind ourselves of this incredible gift of life, may we seek to allow others to know Jesus through our lives.


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