What Is Life?

Since we are talking about “Life” during our time examining the Sermon on the Mount, I think it is a good idea to talk about what “life” really is.  Unfortunately, I think many in our culture see “life” as mostly “stuff”.  We even have this interesting phrases that we use:  “what do you do for a living?” or “Can you make a living with that job?”  Those phrases clearly indicate that we associating living or life with our job and/or money.  I really hope that “what I do for a living” doesn’t define my life; at least if you mean my job.  So, if our culture is sort of “off key” on this one; what is “life”?  The Greek word most often used for “life” is the word “zoe” which has an essence of the absolute fullness of life, both essential and ethical.  I’m not sure that really helps most us!

Another very wise person who read yesterday’s post said that life is “connectedness”.  I certainly agree that without connectedness, life is not much.  Yet isn’t it interesting how isolated many of us tend to be?  Can I be so bold as to suggest that “life” is simply “Jesus”.  We know that Jesus Himself said that eternal life is knowing the Father and Jesus, the One whom the Father sent.  That’s instructive for me.  I think that my life is “Jesus”.  Everything that life is for me is Jesus.  That’s why without Jesus I am “dead in trespasses and sins”.  I don’t fully come alive until I come into relationship with Jesus.

Think about that idea for a day and tomorrow we’ll “talk” more about it.


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  • textee@windstream.net

    “I don’t fully come alive until I come into relationship with Jesus.”

    You mean, connectedness? 😉

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