What Do You Do When Jesus Doesn’t Make Sense?

In John 2 we have the first recorded miracle of Jesus, turning water into wine at a wedding. There are several interesting things about this miracle but I sometimes like to think about the servants who drew out the water. The Bible says that Jesus asked the servants to fill the waterpots with water and then to draw some out to take to the master of the feast.  The servants knew that they had put water in there. They had never seen anyone turn water into wine before. I wonder if the servants said or thought, “This is ridiculous. We could get into trouble taking water to the master of the feast and pretending that it is wine”. But they did it. They followed what Jesus said. And they saw a miracle.

How about you and me? How often do we let our doubt or fear keep us from seeing a “miracle” because we don’t follow what Jesus said? I know in my life this has happened more times than I want to admit. I think the greatest suffering of disobedience is not the negative consequences that we receive, but the absence of blessing we experience because we didn’t obey…and we never see that blessing; nor do we really know what it might have been. I’m thankful that the servants did what Jesus said to do. I pray that you and I will follow Jesus’ words even when they don’t make a lot of sense.


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