Weapons Against Temptation

Matthew chapter 4 is primarily known as the chapter that contains the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness by Satan. Chapter 4 also contains what might be the most understated verse in the bible. “And when He had fasted forty days and forty nights, afterward He was hungry”…..duh…that’s an understatement…But anyway, you can read Matthew 4 here: Matthew 4. Satan tempts Jesus three different ways and each time Jesus uses the same weapon. Was the weapon a pre-Star Wars light sabre? Was it “Satan spray”; guaranteed to keep Satan from charging at you? Was it a “gospel gun” with a long range scope? No. Jesus had none of these. But Jesus used something more powerful than any of these. Jesus used the word of God. Each time Satan tempted Jesus He quoted a scripture. Now, please understand there is no “magic” in quoting a bible verse…it is not a mantra that unlocks some spirit power. However, in this case, and I believe in every case, whenever we are tempted, there is wisdom and power available in the words of God to help us through each and every temptation without sin.

My exhortation to you is to read and know the word of God. It is not complicated. Yes, there are some things in there that are difficult to understand but that’s a very small percentage of the biblical text. The vast majority of it is easy to understand and highly effective to know. Reading a chapter each day and following along with this little blog is a good start. Keep going. You never know when temptation will strike but you know that it will strike. You don’t need a big leather bible to hit Satan over the head with. You need the words of the bible in your mind and heart to use to defeat temptation and you can win EVERY time.


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