Wait for it….

One more person in the Christmas story for this year and then we move on to other topics.  In Luke 2:25-35 (Luke 2:25-35) we read about a man named Simeon.  Simeon was an old man who, according to verse 26, “would not see death before he had seen the Lord’s Christ”.  The Bible also tells us that Simeon was just and devout and was waiting to see the Christ, the Messiah.  Then in verse 27 we are told that the Spirit led Simeon to the temple on the very same day when Jesus was being presented by Mary and Joseph.  This presentation, along with an offering, was part of the Mosaic law.  Simeon speaks prophetically about this little baby.  He says that this baby is going to be God’s salvation for all people.  That’s a pretty significant prophecy to live up to…or in Jesus’ case, to die for.  Simeon also gives Mary and Joseph some rather sobering news about what this baby would mean to them.

What we don’t know is how long Simeon waited for this opportunity.  Perhaps he waited a couple of weeks or perhaps he waited 25 years?  I confess to you that I struggle with patience as it relates to waiting for God’s activity.  I watch people struggle and/or I know how much better their lives would be with a relationship with Jesus; yet it doesn’t happen.  Or there are things in my life that I struggle waiting for God to change.  Like Simeon, I need to be willing to wait and to wait for direction from the Holy Spirit.  If I will do that, and if you will do that, we will not be disappointed.  Rather, we will be enriched by being a part of God’s plan when He desires.  Sometimes you just have to wait for it….



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