Wages vs. Gift

Just one verse today and it is familiar to many of us:  Romans 6:23:  23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”  This is one of the verses on the “Roman’s Road”, a series of verses that helps to define our sin and the way to salvation in Jesus Christ.  What I want to focus on this morning is the contrast between the words “wages” and “gift”. Paul writes “the wages of sin is death”. Our sin “earns” a wage.  Our sin has a natural consequence and outcome. It is a little awkward to think that something that is earned is actually a negative but that is what is true regarding sin.  When we work 45 hours in a week we feel like we “deserve” a paycheck for that.  Paul is reminding us that our sin “deserves” something as well…the wage of death.  But there is something amazing offered, a “gift”.  God offers the gift of eternal life.  Note that eternal life is not a “wage”.  It is not earned.  It is a glorious gift that is given to us by God.  Also notice that this gift is “in Christ Jesus our Lord”.  [I’m often amazed at how some people still refuse to accept that eternal life comes only through Jesus Christ given how many times this is repeated in the New Testament].  The most important question in life is “Are you getting what you deserve or are you being gifted eternal life?”  You must receive a gift.  God is graciously offering you a gift of eternal life.  Have you received it?  Will you share this good news with others?  I’m very glad that God doesn’t give me what I deserve…how about you?


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