Too Far Gone?

In Acts 9 we have the conversion to Jesus Christ of a man named Saul. Saul had a zealous purpose in life, to destroy the followers of Jesus. We first meet Saul in chapter 7 as he is present at the stoning death of Stephen. Then in chapter 9 we read that he is on the road to Damascus to arrest the followers of Jesus who are there. On that road, in a miraculous way, Saul meets Jesus and becomes a follower of Jesus. We will read in the coming days how Saul’s name is changed to Paul and how Paul becomes God’s ambassador to the non-Jewish world and perhaps, at least by resume’, the greatest Christian who ever lived.

We all know people that we are tempted to say are “too far gone”. They are so wicked or so set against God that we think in our minds, or say out loud with our mouths, that they could never believe in Jesus. Years ago I spent a couple of hours debating with a man who was a Jehovah’s Witness. I left that meeting saying to myself, “this guy will never leave the Witnesses and be saved”. Well, a couple of years later this man and his wife walk into a church service. He told me his story and it was a little like the story of Saul. He was going door to door as a Jehovah’s Witness and met a woman who told him that she was a Christian and that she would pray for him. As he walked back down her sidewalk, he said that he “knew” that she was right, that he needed to receive Jesus as Savior. There is more to the story that I don’t have time to share here, but a man that I thought was “too far gone” became a follower of Jesus and one of the best children’s teachers I ever encountered.

Do you know anyone that you would label as “too far gone”? If so, I encourage you to remove that label. Instead, pray for him or her. Watch for God’s activity in his/her life. Be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. No one is too far gone.


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