Together on the Wall

My husband informed me recently that our new heating system being installed would require my cleaning out the attic.   This is something I have been procrastinating for at least a decade.  Over those years I would go up many times planning to begin the task only to leave, overwhelmed by the job that lay before me.   Yesterday and today I went up determined to get started.  I grabbed a construction size garbage bag with the goal to fill at least one per day with stuff to be burned or given away.   I plan to do the same each day until all the junk is removed and the attic is clean.   Amidst the junk are occasional treasures that make the job a little more fun so in a way I look forward to my new daily routine.

In Nehemiah we read about a job that seemed insurmountable… the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem after it had been destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar.    Nehemiah had been given permission to return to Jerusalem by the King for who he served as cup-bearer in order to begin rebuilding the wall.   As Nehemiah inspected the wall he knew it was a task that he could not complete himself.   It’s inspiring to read in Nehemiah chapters 3-7 how others faithful to God joined in, each doing a section of the wall and before long, the entire wall was reconstructed.   It wasn’t easy.  There were those who tried to stop the work but the  faithful Jewish remnant in Jerusalem stuck together and God gave them the strength to finish the work together.

God has planned for us to do a great work together for the building up of His Kingdom.     As we work together, each being present at their own part of “the wall”, we are able to carry out His purpose for us as a people joined as one through the Holy Spirit.   There will be things that discourage us and threaten to stop the work.   Some of those things are outside forces that make the work difficult like a poor economy or a culture that is spiraling downward becoming more and more anti-Christ.  Other times there are things among us that we overcome like hurt relationships or a failure of leadership in making sure everyone has found their place on “the wall”.   Never-the-less we are called, along with Paul in Philippians 3:14 to press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called [us] heavenward in Christ Jesus.”    It’s a joy to be on “the wall” with all of you.  I find it is the relationships formed and deepened as we work together that yield some of the greatest treasure of the task.

As for my attic job, little by little I suppose the job will get finished working at it on my own, however if I convince others in my household that there are some treasures there for them they may agree to join me “on the wall” and we’ll get the job done by the time the heating contractor comes in mid-October.   Stay tuned…..


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  • Glad to be on the wall with you…I wonder if the heating contractor told Brian that you would be required to clean out the attic or that he could help as well…if not, you might want to get a new contractor 🙂 Also, if Brian gives you trouble, I can always use him as a sermon illustration!!!

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