This is the Day!

As men and women who had followed Jesus awoke on this day they expected a day that was like the previous few days, days filled with uncertainty and despair and lost hope.  But when the women came back with the news that Jesus was gone, and when Peter and John ran to the tomb to find it empty, they began to understand that something was very different.  As the angel told the women that Jesus had been raised and that they and the disciples were to meet Him in Galilee, the hope began to reappear and the despair was lifted.  They clearly did not fully understand what had happened and what the consequences of this glorious morning were going to be for each of them, but there was a different.  This day had made a difference in their lives.

The same should hold true for us…this day…the day of the resurrection of Jesus, is intended to make a difference.  It is intended to transform us.  This day, because of the power of Jesus Christ, is a day that should bring us hope for today and for tomorrow.  This day, this glorious day brings joy in the midst of despair and this day brings a guarantee of eternal life and abundant life.

This is the day!  He is risen!!!


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