They Don’t Teach This in War College!

Today we begin the book of Joshua. Joshua was selected by God to lead the people of Israel after the death of Moses. Joshua opens with God’s people poised to enter the promised land. After a miraculous crossing of the Jordan River, Joshua and the men of Israel stand firmly in enemy territory and their first move is to circumcise each other….that’s right…I said they circumcise each other. You see these men were not circumcised as they wandered in the wilderness. Circumcision was important because this act identified the men as belonging to God and the inheritors of God’s covenantal promises.

So now while they are in enemy territory God says to be circumcised. Can you imagine Joshua’s generals hearing that instruction from Joshua? Whaaaaat??? But God knew what He was doing. God protected His people from enemy attack while they recovered from the “surgery”. You see, God had always said that HE was going to deliver the promised land to His people. It was never about their military might or prowess….it was always about God. God demonstrates this again to the people by having all the males circumcised.

Do you trust God to follow His instructions in the middle of your “battles”? When God says to give and you don’t have much money left, do you do it anyway? When God says to forgive and you want to hold onto the grudge, do you let it go? The world will not teach you the ways of God but God’s ways are always best and are always meant to provide Him glory in our world. Trust Him…He won’t EVER let you down.


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