The Watchman

I  sat down numerous times this week with the intention of posting but was not determined enough I think because I was too easily distracted.   As I read from Ezekiel 33 yesterday it reminded me about being careful of distractions.   Here we find Ezekiel being appointed  by God as Israels Watchman.  God wanted to save Israel but they continually ignored His voice and continued to disobey God to the point where they found themselves scattered and desolate, some in captivity in Babylon others left back in Judah, and still others in Egypt, even though the prophetic word of Jeremiah their prophet from God warned them not to go to Egypt.   (Psalm 137 reveals the incredible sadness.)   Ezekiel 33 talks about how important the job of the watchman is and how much responsibility there is when you are a watchman.    If the watchman does not warn of danger from the enemy, then that watchman is held responsible for what happens.  Ezekiel certainly took his appointment seriously as he prophesied for Israel, and also for us.  While his prophesy is often difficult to understand, we know that God has a message to be revealed through Ezekiel’s prophesy as he sees fit to reveal it.

We are watchmen for the gospel.  Since salvation comes through Jesus Christ alone, if we have the knowledge of that salvation we are responsible to do what we can by the Holy Spirit’s power to warn of the danger of the enemy (Satan).  God has always called His people to share His message.   How distracted from our duties as watchman have I become?  Or have i become complacent an convinced that there is really not that much danger to warn people about?


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