The Ultimate Flip-Flopper

As we near the end of the book of Jeremiah things are getting bleak for the kingdom of Judah.  Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon is closing in on capturing the city.  A man named Zedekiah is king and he is feeling the heat.  In chapter 37 Jeremiah is wrongly imprisoned and the king secretly sends for Jeremiah to find out if there is any word from the Lord.  Jeremiah tells the king that God will still deliver His people into the hands of the king of Babylon but he asks Zedekiah to free him from prison which Zedekiah does (seems like he is on the side of Jeremiah).  Then in chapter 38 some of the people get upset with Jeremiah because of what he is saying and they ask the king to put Jeremiah to death and Zedekiah gives his approval (seems like he is not on the side of Jeremiah).  Then a man comes before the king and pleads for Jeremiah’s life and Zedekiah commands that Jeremiah be released from prison (seems like he is back on Jeremiah’s side).  Jeremiah tells the king that the only way to save himself and his family is to surrender to the king of Babylon.  Zedekiah refuses to do this.  In chapter 39, the city of Jerusalem is overrun, Zedekiah is captured.  All of his sons are put to death before his eyes and then he is blinded, an obviously horrible fate.

Zedekiah is a flip-flopper.  At one point he seems to be on Jeremiah’s side, wanting to hear what Jeremiah has to say, but then he doesn’t really ever do what Jeremiah says.  His actions don’t indicate that he has any “core” beliefs about God and His plans.  He seems to twist in the wind and he just goes with the flow.  This isn’t a great way to live life is it?  There is a saying that the man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.  I think this is true of Zedekiah but it doesn’t have to be true for you and me.  Let’s stand on what God says…and if you don’t understand it, ask questions.  Let’s not flip flop!


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