The Thick Fog of Circumstances


If you’ve ever driven in thick fog you know that the fog hides things that are real and in front of you. You strain to see them but the fog is just too thick. Circumstances, especially negative ones, can do the same thing. Bad circumstances can be like a fog which keeps us from seeing the good things and/or the possibilities around us. In the book of Ruth we are introduced to a woman named Naomi, an Israelite who moved with her husband to the land of Moab.   While there, her husband and both her sons die, leaving Naomi a widow and the caretaker of two daughters-in-law. Naomi decides to return to her homeland and initially her daughters-in-law want to return with her. Naomi says this: No, my daughters; for it grieves me very much for your sakes that the hand of the Lord has gone out against me!”

Now, if you know the rest of the story, Naomi returns with one of the daughters-in-law, Ruth, and God does an amazing thing. Ruth meets and marries a man named Boaz who not only provides for Ruth but also for Naomi. God blesses Naomi in a great way. But at first, Naomi couldn’t see this possibility because of the fog of circumstances in her life. Naomi couldn’t “see” the possibility of this incredible outcome when she was in the fog of despair in Moab. How often can we do the same thing? Fog is real, like the difficulties we may be facing right now. But the fog will lift at some point. Perhaps it will be soon. Perhaps it will only lift in death when the follower of Jesus enters heaven, but it will lift. Don’t despair. Know that even if you cannot see Him, God and His hand are present. Trust Him!


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