The “Roar” of God


This morning combines something from the beach with something that I read in 1 Chronicles 16. Verse 32 says, “Let the sea roar, and all it’s fullness…” As I’m writing this I am looking out over that sea and watching dolphins play off the shore (no pictures to make you envious…) But I began to think about the sound of the ocean. When you are at the beach you are surrounded by constant and continuous sound. The waves never stop. The sound of the surf crashing against the shore never stops. But when you are out playing in the sand or swimming in the ocean, you just sort of “tune out” the sound of the waves yet roar just keeps going.

Can you hear the “roar” of God each morning in your life? As you sit down to think or go for a quiet walk, can you feel and hear the presence of God? I believe God intends for us to “hear” Him each and every day. Just like the sound of the waves, the presence and activity of God are around us every moment of every day. God doesn’t ever want us to shut Him out, even though as we get busy with everyday life, we will not normally “hear” Him…just like what happens with the sound of the waves. But never doubt. God is here with you. Never waver in trusting that He is present with you. Can you hear the “roar” of God this morning?


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