The “Reach”

What is your “reach”?  As a person of relatively short stature my arms are not very long.  I don’t have much of a reach.  In fact, it would be a bit of a “reach” to say that I even have a “reach”; at least from a physical standpoint.  But what about from a spiritual standpoint?  What about your spiritual reach?

My own attitude about my spiritual reach is one that I’m not particularly enthused with.  At times I’ve felt good about it and at other times I’ve felt a bit discouraged.  I’ve gone through seasons of time where I feel like I’m accomplishing something for God and then seasons where it feels like most everything is just beyond my reach.  Perhaps that’s my problem….and yours?  I tend to evaluate my “reach” based on my own ability.  I tend to evaluate my “reach” based on my own accomplishments.  But that’s not right is it?  No, it’s not right.  As a follower of Jesus I have been given some marching orders…some pretty compelling marching orders.  I am to go and make disciples of all the nations.  I am to be God’s witness to the entire world around me.  Those tasks seem pretty daunting to me and I confess that I find it a bit easy to just back off and say, “that’s too hard”.

Now, the good news is that accomplishing what God desires on my own is really much “too hard”.  I can’t have the “reach” that God desires.  But God’s arms are never too short.  His reach is always exactly where He needs it to be.  Could it be that I need to do a little more trusting in God to accomplish His reach through me; rather than struggling and straining to reach for things on my own?  Father, forgive me for attempting to reach things on my own.  Rather, may I trust you to reach through me.



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