The Powerful and Imposing….Lamb

When you think of strong and mighty creatures what first pops into your head: a T-Rex, a lion, a gorilla? I’m pretty sure the first thing that popped into your mind was not a…lamb. A lamb is not a very powerful and imposing animal. However, in the book of Revelation, approximately 20 times, Jesus is referred to as a lamb. Why? Because Jesus didn’t come to earth to “conquer” anything…He came to offer Himself as a sacrifice for sin…like a lamb. But what a powerful lamb He is! Jesus paid the price for the sin of all mankind. Jesus paid the price for your sin and my sin. He doesn’t want to rule over you or conquer you. He wants you to submit to Him. He wants you to follow Him. He doesn’t want you to be impressed by His physical presence. He wants you to be “impressed” (though I don’t think that’s the right word) by His love.

Jesus is a sacrificial lamb; in an obvious reference to the Old Testament sacrificial system, sacrificed for your sin. It’s not a very visually imposing image, nor one that’s going to look great on a poster, but the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is powerful enough to provide atonement for our sin. A T-Rex ain’t gonna do that for you!


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