The Power of a Healthy Spirit

Let’s read Proverbs 18:14:  The spirit of a man will sustain him in sickness,
But who can bear a broken spirit?

There is a lot of wisdom in these two sentences.  We have all seen people endure incredible illness and suffering with an attitude of contentment and joy.  And we’ve seen the opposite…  It is not that the pain is greater or that the suffering is less; the reaction to the pain and suffering is linked to the health of the “spirit”.  When a man’s spirit is well; nourished by a living relationship with God, that man will be sustained.  We need to think about the health of our spirit more than we think about the health of our bodies.

The second half of the proverb implies that a broken spirit is more damaging than a broken body.  I think this is true.  The sad part is that though a broken body may be out of our control a broken spirit is not.  Disease and sickness can come upon us through no fault of our own…there is nothing we can do to stop it.  But this is not true with our spirit.  God offers the opportunity for each of us to have a healthy, vibrant relationship with Him.  Do you have a healthy spirit?  I hope that you do…if you want to know more about this please contact me and I’ll help you get pointed in the right direction.

In wisdom,


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